Casa Verde

Casa Verde was planted in 1942 on Redwood Valley bench land near the headwaters of the Russian River. The alluvial soil here is Yokayo Series, well-drained soil studded with green and red river rocks. Peter Chevalier farms these 75+ year old, head pruned, dry farmed vines traditionally with cross cultivation. The vineyard is a field blend of mostly Carignan with some Grenache and a thread of French Colombard woven in. Low yields produce medium bodied yet intense wines with great acidity and minerality.


Broken Leg

Owner Steve Williams broke his leg on the steep slopes of this vineyard as it was being planted in the 1980s, giving the site its name. The vineyard sits in a bowl almost up to the top of the coastal ridge in the Deep End of the Anderson Valley. The vineyard is as steep as Côte-Rôtie and climatically similar as well, although the surrounding redwoods give the vineyard a unique look. Planted to the Shiraz and Durrell clones, this is some of the northernmost Syrah in California. The grapes from these thirty year old wines produce agile yet intense Syrahs with a brambly, savory character.


Alder Springs

A unique site, Alder Springs is 140 acres of steep vineyards planted between 1700 and 2700 feet west of Laytonville in northern Mendocino County. Warm days, cool nights, and low vigor sandstone soils result in a long growing season and vines that reach deep, yielding wines with great minerality. In 2017 we sourced Syrah, Mourvèdre, and Counoise from Alder Springs.